Disruptive technology for biofuel & bio-based products

Beets with our patented high-sugar technology, producing 30% more yield, provide the most economical source of sugars and could revolutionize the biofuel and bio-based product industries. The technology was funded in part by a highly competitive ARPA-E grant (Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy within the U.S. Department of Energy). 

Our high-sugar beets can provide the building blocks for bio-based products


The emerging global bio-based products market, including advanced biofuels and bio-chemicals, is expected to reach $500B by 2025. Sugars are the building blocks of bio-based products. Our high-sugar beets can provide inexpensive sugars necessary to sustain the emerging industries. 

Beets are the most cost-effective source of sugars in the U.S. Compared with other crops, beets:

  • require less water per acre
  • require less nitrogen per acre
  • produce more sugar per acre
  • have lower greenhouse gas emissions

Improved beet hybrids can grow throughout the U.S.

We have improved beet hybrids with higher yields and broad pest resistance. Our hybrids can grow anywhere in the continental U.S. including the marginal soils and under-utilized or fallow lands of Eastern, Western, and Southern US. 

Plant Sensory Systems has formed a subsidiary, Just Beets LLC, to sell beet seeds from our proprietary germplasm.