Solution for global demand of nutrients in plant-based feed

We have the only safe and sustainable solution for addressing the global demand for nutrients in plant-based aquafeed. Our patented Enhanced-Nutrition (EN) technology produces a safe and sustainable source of taurine and methionine in plant seeds. Aquafeed made from EN seeds requires fewer nutritional additives, a substantial cost savings to the feed producers. Global cost of nutrient additives for feed will reach $2.2B in 2020.

The fastest growing food sector is aquaculture. Wild-caught forage fish are used to make feed for aquaculture, but wild-caught fish harvests have not changed in 25 years. This practice is not sustainable!

Overfishing the forage fish population has driven up the price of fishmeal and jeopardizes the marine ecosystem. Feed producers are turning to soybean-based protein to partially replace fishmeal. Soy-based protein is cheaper than fishmeal but it lacks taurine, a nutrient that is critical for most fish, and is deficient in methionine, an amino acid critical for all fish. To meet nutritional requirements, aquafeed producers supplement soy-based feed with synthetic taurine and methionine. In addition to added costs, synthetic taurine and methionine are produced using carcinogenic and hazardous substances, and synthetic taurine has been shown to contain arsenic.