Company Overview

Plant Sensory Systems' mission is to develop technologies that will improve agricultural performance and alleviate negative environmental impact. Founded in 2007, Plant Sensory Systems has an internationally recognized business and scientific team with a rich history in the development and delivery of products to government and industry over the last 35 years. Several members of the business team have founded and successfully exited biotechnology companies, both pharma and agricultural biotech firms.

Plant Sensory Systems' team has built value in the company by developing innovative products that meet the most pressing issues to face agriculture now and in the future. Members of the scientific team are known for their understanding of plant and animal sensory systems. The team has a well-established history in stress signaling, metabolism and molecular biology and a proven track record in the development of products that address real-world problems. The team has used its expertise in plant signaling and sensory systems to enhance specific traits and optimize agricultural performance.

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